Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who is coming to garden this Friday, June 10?


  1. I will be there but around 11:30. Anne

  2. Emmett and I will be there probably sometime between 10:30 and 11AM.

  3. I'm out of town until next week and am already missing you all. When I return, I'll make some adjustments to the recipes posted ("20 ground onions" made my day). Diana

  4. Oops -- Diana. I guess that is too much.

    I'm postimg for Ute. She will be there tomorrow for a lesson on posting comments, among other things.

  5. I was there! With Bells On! ^_^
    *happy dances*

  6. Amy again!

    Today I learned that Comfrey tea made for plants is good! (Hey Aimee, it turns out that YES, you CAN drink it and it's good for you! You can also eat it in salads, use in sjkin cream and also, like you mentioned, for bruises and sprains and booboo's of all kinds)!
    I also learned to use scissors to harvest Kale (leave some leaves to regrow the plant), lettucce (leave an inch of stems!), argula (spicey!), oregano, chives, dill, golden radishes (with a funky european name)! NUMMY!

    We topped up our potatoes in their burlap sacks (whew that's hard work!), planted some cucumbers and did some weeding. Jen discovered wild sown sorrel in the lettuce bed by the peas, so YAY, BONUS!

    I transplanted some Calendula (pot marigold, good for skin!) cause my regular marigolds are kinda not taking off like I'd hoped. I found a nasty cut worm on one of my long exotic radishes, and a squirrel or other rodent is eating the tops of the rounded roots too! Bad critter!

    The soup was FABULOUS! I wants the recipe please!!?? *more happy dances* The kids and I played with airplanes and laughed really hard, you kids are the BEST!

    Hey ladies, remind me to bring my picture/reference book on edible/medicinal herbs next week! We can look it over and identify some of the other things we can do with the herbs etc!

  7. Comfrey and how to use it!

  8. Thank you, Amy, for your fantastic comments. And to add to the comfrey tea -- I learned about Tulsi tea (or holy basil tea) at a class last week. It's good for stress, among other things.